Longboards Wheel Shapes

Longboard  wheels come in different shape, size and colors.

Some of the main shapes are with round and square lip


each has its own purpose and work better in a specific boarding activity.

The hardness of the wheels (durometer) has impact on the grip, slide and bumpiness of your ride.


You find much more info on this in how to choose a longboard on longboardsusa.com

These wheels can be put on any longboard.


Hello World, Longboard wheels anybody?

You longboard can not survive without great wheels. Its like a car without tires.

Your car can not move without wheels/tires and the wider the are the more contact with the asphalt.

Same is true for longboards. They have wider wheel based – compared to skateboards – so there is more contact with the concrete/asphalt you skate on.

This allows for sliding at higher speeds and keeping the board under control at high speeds.

On a drop deck longboard you are close to the ground and you have a stable ride, however without the right wheels you still go no where.


Here a great drop down longboard with premium zaza wheels size 70mm  with a  83a hardness.

This is a great freeride / small downhill longboard from ehlers.